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Simple Marketing Solutions Is An Agency That Makes Local Businesses Matter To Local People

Does Your Business Matter To The People That You Serve?

My Passion Is In Simplifying Digital Marketing So That You Can Focus On What Matters To You Most - Eli Hong, Founder & Director of Simple Marketing Solutions


Simple Marketing Solutions Is Our Name

Digital Marketing Made Simple For Businesses Guaranteed!

Companies that work with us benefit from an increase in customers, revenue and brand growth online through our carefully crafted marketing processes.


Marketing Without The Fluff

We Stay True To No-Nonsense Marketing Fundamentals Only

Our core belief is that a successful campaign starts with developing a clear message that speaks to the heart of the right market and as a result, drive sales.


Solutions That Save Time & Money

Timely Delivery and Cost Saving Ad Solutions To Launch To Market

On-time, consistent marketing launches. We create campaigns and optimize for the best return-on-investment for your advertising dollars.

We Maximize Marketing Dollars & Make Every Dollar Work Hard For Your Advertising Campaign

While everyone is complaining that advertising spend is increasing, yet our many customers have one of the lowest advertising spend for social media in the industry. 


Because we know what we're doing. 

Hint: Marketing costs has a lot to do with connecting your message to the right market. It is possible your message is currently weak and deserves a second look.

Our Proven Products & Services

Explore And Choose A Solution That Best Fit Your Company

Done For Your Social Media Marketing

Tired of doing it by yourself?

Let us help you on the creation of your advertisement,  we have in-depth process to find the perfect message to market match using our proprietary interview database system. 

You are welcome to consult us on the latest and most effective ways to automate your online business efforts so that you can get more leads and sales through social media for your products and services.

Event Marketing & Authority Building

Are you an authority wanting to monetize your knowledge?

We help elevate and promote subject matter experts, educators who are in the business of impacting lives through education online(webinars) and offline(seminars).

Our expertise includes monetizing, developing their marketing via social media, brand, sales pitch for presentations, refreshing angles in a competitive market, create courses, curriculum, increasing rapport with consumers who are new to their brand and turn them into life-long fans.

Corporate Digital Marketing Training

Want to accelerate and improve your employee's skills in digital marketing and social media?

If you employ in-house digital marketers that are new to the industry, one of the worst things is for them to be spending time "Googling" for information and learning on the job.

Do not risk leaving your employees to be self-taught and self-learned, spending your hard earned marketing dollars on tests that have been already done by someone else. Let my company train your team so that you can be 110% certain that hiring them will work wonders for you.

Digital Marketing Masterclass Training

Want to create the best offers for your digital marketing efforts and master advertising that is proven to work?

For business owners, self-employed marketers or anyone who want to up-skill and upgrade their social media and digital marketing skills with proven and non-theory based marketing.

In this masterclass, the founder will share many of his real-life hands-on consultations, advertisements that have brought tremendous value to his clients, making them survive and thrive throughout all economic situations.

Eli Hong, Simple Marketing Solutions (Founder)

Based in Desa Park City, KL.


With over a decade of experience in digital marketing, and educated in Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma, USA with a B.F.A In Film Production, Eli's film making education took him on the path of business, turning the founder into a seasoned digital marketer for over 100 industries and businesses from over 15 countries world-wide. He has spoken in many parts of Asia, Middle East and trained people in the US as well. 

Eli has personally handled some of the many advertising accounts of large brand names in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and more with millions of ad spend managed in an efficient approach of spending less and gaining more.

His approach to marketing is based on fundamentals, tried and proven marketing strategies in the area of copywriting and messaging for businesses. Social media advertising or any form of online advertising is only successful if it gets the attention of the market.

If we've gotten your attention, you can click or tap HERE to contact Eli.

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